Winning the Energy Wars


Winning the Energy Wars

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The United States of America DOES NOT HAVE an ENERGY PLAN!!!

It is way past time that we get a handle on our energy crisis. Our stability as a nation, our quality of life, our enormous transfer of wealth to foreign nations, and the very future of our children are at stake. We need to think, act and do everything energy related differently than we ever have before. You are an important part of the United State's sustainable energy future and together we can make difference! We must move to put an energy plan in place that:

  • Judiciously uses all domestic energy resources (100+).
  • Focuses on the domestic causes and solutions for the U.S. energy crisis.
  • Ensures a gradual and planned transition from finite to infinite energy resources.
  • Decommissions the Department of Energy.
  • Reorganizes and redirects the responsibilities of the National Energy Labs.
  • Creates the Governors National Sustainable Energy Council.
  • Establishes viable governance, policy, education, workforce, agricultural, business, industry, energy and funding infrastructures to meet long-term, sustainable energy management demands.

Our energy future demands responsible bold, new and sustainable actions that will reestablish U.S.A.'s energy independence. We all know the consequences if we do not logically and sequentially implement a concise energy plan. This web site and "Winning the Energy Wars, A Sustainable Energy Plan For America's Future" have been developed to move us forward into a sustainable future.

Join us as we work to implement a plan that transitions us
from our mismanaged present to a sustainable future!

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